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Most water sources need to be treated in order to provide safe, pure water. Even private wells should be regularly tested and filtered to ensure complete safety. Do you require water treatments in the Ashdown & Texarkana, AR area? Contact Wake Supply & Water Filtration today to schedule an appointment.

We treat iron in water, rotten egg smell, acidic water, rust, low PH water, hard water, and more! Call today!

The government regulates acceptable levels of toxins in the water you use every day. How confident are you in the water you drink? Call 903-733-5484 today for a free quote on your water filtration system installation in Ashdown & Texarkana, AR.

Custom solutions to your water problems

Custom solutions to your water problems

The team at Wake Supply & Water Filtration will customize your water treatment system to meet your specific needs. Schedule a water filtration system installation to take advantage of:

  • Money saved on plastic water bottles
  • Fewer contaminants like lead, chlorine, and iron in your water
Softer water also requires less soap while cleaning. We offer a wide variety of water filtration systems to suit your needs and budget. Contact us today to learn more about our water treatments in Ashdown & Texarkana, AR.